There’s been a whole bunch of talk surrounding Lil Fizz and Apryl Jones since they’ve been dating. That’s because Jones used to be with Omarion Grandberry, and they share two kids together. Plus, Grandberry and Fizz are group members in the boy band B2K.

And to add another important ingredient to the drama stew, Fizz has a child with Moniece Slaughter, who used to be friends with Jones.

As early as October of this year, both Fizz and Jones have been getting slammed by people on social media for their decision to date. But based on an old Instagram post, one could say that Fizz let it be known that he and Jones were an item before that. And that he sent a shot at Grandberry in the process.

On April 15, Fizz posted a photo of himself sitting next to a window and holding a smartphone. “On the phone with yo BM in my @fashionnovamen,” he captioned the image, with BM standing for “Baby Mama.” Not to mention, he posted that in April, which is Jones first name.

And even though the post is more than seven months old at this point, people left fresh comments underneath as recently as Friday, Nov. 22.

“Were they together back then?” someone asked.

A lot of folks also took Fizz to task for dating Grandberry’s ex.

“You wanna be O so bad lil boy,” one person wrote. “Now when he come outta character and give you what you asking for don’t get up on here looking for sympathy.”

“Looool put this much energy into your music then you would actually be successful🤣,” wrote another. “I see why O career went somewhere and yours didn’t.”

Lil Fizz (left) might have revealed that he was dating Apryl Jones (right) several months ago. (Photos: Santiago Felipe/Getty Images Entertainment via Getty Images, Lucianna Faraone Coccia/FilmMagic via Getty Images)

“You really am outta pocket,” a third person commented. “I get the whole you happy and sh– like that. But it’s a million women out here you could of went for, and you gonna go for ya homie girl. You must of been plotting during the B2K tour….smh pennywise 🤡.”

Earlier this month, Grandberry broke his silence about Fizz and Jones during an interview and said it didn’t bother him at all. But he said they should still move a little bit differently.

“I don’t feel no ways, I don’t feel any way about it,” said the B2K frontman. “I think that if they’re happy, then they should be happy. I think they should change the narrative though.”

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