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‘Photoshop Fail’: Nene Leakes’ Instagram Photo Misses the Mark with Fans

Nene Leakes has been grinding away promoting her new Swagg Boutique location and she’s been uploading a series of photos to her Instagram page relating the latest business move.

However, one picture, in particular, has led to some criticism from fans who say it’s overly edited.

“I’m just all about my Swagg! Coming soon to the MGM Grand Casino in the DMV, “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” star captioned her March 21 photo. Leakes is preparing to open her third Swagg Boutique in Maryland, which will join shops in Duluth, Georgia and Miami.

nene leakes
Nene Leakes is busy getting ready to open her third Swagg Boutique location. (Photo: @neneleakes/Instagram)

Initially, several fans poured out supportive messages for the O.G. peach holder.

“Congratulations see you soon in the DMV.”

“@Congratulations to you @neneleakes on your new store opening, you are doing the dam thing!!”

However, others zeroed in on the apparent heavy editing Leakes put on her photo.

“Photoshop fail on the face love 🤔🤔

“Too much filtering and photoshopping going on . You re more gorgeous as your natural self.”

“So much Facetune you don’t even look like human anymore

“I hope you’re not photoshopping your pictures because regardless I think you’re beautiful women in if you are you really don’t need to do all that you are gorgeous girl ok

Leakes has been accused of going too heavy on the photo manipulation before. In 2016, a Photoshop expert spoke to Star magazine about a bikini shot Leakes uploaded to Instagram that May.

“For starters, her nose. It’s extremely straight, the tip of her nose has been brought in,” said celebrity photographer Alan Barry. “The bulbous nature of her nose has been made smaller — smoothed out — which could have been done in Photoshop with a blur tool.”

He further addressed her face shape saying, “There’s a line that runs up and down towards the back on her right ear, and that line bends in as the result of an attempt to slim down her face.”

Barry also said that her stomach had been “very heavily smoothed” and that the bikini had been “very poorly” modified on the top.

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