Planet Fitness May Get Sued By Woman with ‘Toned Body’

tiffany austin

A California woman is contemplating suing a Planet Fitness gym franchise after they told her to ‘cover up ‘because her ‘toned body’ was intimidating other patrons at the club.

UC Berkeley law graduate, Tiffany Austin, says she was singled out because of her attire and not her physique.

“In this particular instance, club staff received complaints from several members about Ms. Austin’s attire,” said McCall Gosselin, a spokesman for Planet Fitness, in a statement to theGrio. “As a result, a staff member informed her of the dress code policy and also offered to provide her with a free t-shirt to complete her workout. Planet Fitness’ dress code policy is based solely on attire and not physique, as members of all shapes and sizes are welcome in our clubs.”

As far as pending litigation, Austin says, “I’m definitely considering it, particularly if there’s some sort of pattern that’s been recognized by other people and other Planet Fitness facilities,” she said. “I know there are multiple potential causes of action but I have to look at the law and precedent and see how that works.”

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