Plus-size model Naomie “Nao” Chaput might be filing a lawsuit after she was allegedly told that “fatties” weren’t allowed in the Miami club Story that Future performed in on Friday, March 1.

On Instagram Stories, Chaput — who’s from Montreal but was in Miami for a photo shoot — said she received the rule from the club promoter, not the rapper himself and talked about it in a video that went viral.

Naomie “Nao” Chaput is considering a lawsuit after she was allegedly told by a promoter that she couldn’t enter a Miami club. (Photo: na0__
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“So just got news that this is true. That Future said no fatties in the club, and that he has all rights to do so in Miami at this club. I’m just trying to understand, really, why this is like a thing?” she said on Friday. “Why is he allowed to put those rules in place? The discrimination is insane to me.”

The “Mask Off” rapper eventually responded on Twitter and denied that he made the rule. “Stop cappin on my name,” he wrote on Friday. “I love all women.”

Chaput also said that she and Future communicated on Instagram, and she wanted an apology from him. She also asked him to publicly denounce the club for not letting her and a friend in, but the rapper did neither.

“You lied on my name,” she said Future wrote in their exchange. “You should’ve said Story told you that sh–.”

“You’re choosing to have your name associated with this behavior but not cooperating or answering. If you condone this behavior, your call not mine,” she shot back.

“U condone accusing the wrong person and lying…that’s evil!” the rapper then responded. “Spread the truth next time when you falsely accuse someone! Your call!”

There hasn’t been any details provided about Chaput’s possible lawsuit, but she’s already hired a Miami-based law firm.

Plus, Daniel Bouabdo, the model’s publicist, said he’s still looking for an apology from Future or, like Chaput requested, a statement from him blasting the club for not letting her in.

“Nobody denied this behavior, nobody disassociated themselves from this type of behavior,” Bouabdo told BuzzFeed News earlier this week. “We would like to believe that Future doesn’t condone such behavior, but he’s leaving Nao no choice but to ask for an apology. It’s been now over 72 hours, and I still don’t have any answers for his publicist or his manager.”

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