Nearly two weeks after Porsha Williams gave birth to her baby girl, she’s starting to open up about what she decided to name her.

The new mom joined her fiancé Dennis McKinley as he prepared to appear on “Sister Circle” on Wednesday, April 3. As they waited for “The Original Hot Dog Factory” owner to go on-air, Williams gave some insight on naming her infant Pilar Jhena’.

“How do I pronounce her name? So, it is Pi-LAR,” the new mom explained on Instagram Live. “So it’s Pi-LAR Juh-NAY McKinley. Daddy loves the name, don’t you? But he calls her PJ.”

McKinley began calling their baby PJ officially once he learned the baby would be a girl. But even before then, Williams disclosed he actually wanted their baby to be referred to as Porsha Jr. if they had a girl.

“One of the names that he has absolutely settled on — I’m not settled on it yet — is PJ. PJ stands for Porsha Jr. He wants to name our daughter Porsha Jr.,” Williams told People magazine in September 2018 when she confirmed her pregnancy. “I’m not really sure because I think she’s going to be mad, like, ‘Really, Mom?’ And then I’m going to have to try to explain it and he’s probably going to deny that it was all his idea.”

Ultimately, the duo used the initials PJ and decided on Pilar Jhena’ as their first child’s name. Williams gave insight into the meaning behind Pilar on her baby’s official Instagram account later on Wednesday.

A graphic posted on @pilarjhena’s page explains the infant’s first name is of Latin origin and is Spanish for “pillar.” It also refers to the Virgin Mary, “María del Pilar, meaning ‘Mary of the Pillar,'” Williams wrote in the caption of the graphics.

“According to legend, when Saint James the Greater was in Saragossa in Spain, the Virgin Mary appeared on a pillar,” she continued.

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Fans have been weighing in on Pilar’s Instagram page reacting to her name.

“A Name!!!!!! ‍⚖️

“Lovely. Name suited for a daughter of the most high…”

“Yes it is a Astonishing Biblical name of strength, Beauty, very strong Spiritual qualities.”

“My daughter middle name Jenae… Love how u spelled it.”


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