Proposed South Caronlina Bill Requires Schools to Teach Gun Rights Course

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Lawmakers in South Carolina have proposed a new bill that would mandate all public elementary, middle and high schools to teach a gun rights course under a curriculum guided by the National Rifle Association (NRA).

Under the proposed law, students will be required to learn about their Second Amendment Rights for at least three weeks each school year. In addition to this new course requirement, the state would designate December 15 of each year as “Second Amendment Awareness Day,” during which schools will hold contest events that are themed ‘The Right to Bear Arms; One American Right Protecting All Others.’

If the date of December 15 is approved, then the state’s awareness day will fall just one day after the anniversary of the Sandy Hook school shooting, where 20 elementary school students and six educators were shot and killed by a gunman.

While the newly proposed bill is a long way from being passed, sound off in the comments section below with your thoughts on schools teaching K-12 students about gun rights.

SOURCE: Education Week

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