The landlord of R. Kelly‘s Chicago music studio allegedly just received a lot of the back rent the singer owes them. But Kelly didn’t pay the money himself, it was collected after his former record label Sony froze one of his accounts.

According to a report, Sony Music Holdings Inc. recently received a subpoena from the landlord, Midwest Commercial Funding, and as a result, the label froze roughly $264,535 in the singer’s song royalty account.

A music studio landlord got Sony to freeze some of R. Kelly’s royalty money. (Photo: Getty Images, Joshua Lott)

Kelly apparently owed $173,855.08 to Midwest and they were able to collect $154,527.22 from one of Kelly’s Bank of America accounts. It happened after a “turnover order” was issued.

Now, Midwest is asking the court permission to get the remaining money that Sony froze, which would zero out Kelly’s debt with them.

And there’s a solid chance the label won’t put up much of a fight, since it dropped Kelly in January of this year. It was just two weeks after the docuseries “Surviving R. Kelly” aired, which detailed the many sexual abuse claims against him.

In February Kelly was indicted on 10 counts of aggravated criminal sexual abuse, and the charges have to do with four alleged victims. He was also put back in jail last month for owing $161,633 in child support to his ex-wife Andrea Kelly.

But amid the singer’s money woes, he was paid $22,000 for a club appearance on Saturday at the Dirty South Lounge in Springfield, Illinois. TMZ reports that he mingled with a small crowd and sang a few lines of his 1994 hit “Bump N’ Grind.” About 50 people showed up to the venue in total.

In fact, there’s video of Kelly singing, and it shows him being surrounded by a security person and a few women who seemed eager to take a photo with him.

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