While R. Kelly sits in a Chicago jail after being hit with a slew of charges related to sexual misconduct, another case from 2017 is coming back to bite him.

According to The Blast, a former Hinds County, Mississippi, sheriff’s deputy named Kenny Bryant wants a judge to give him a default judgment against the singer, who he accuses of having an affair with his ex-wife and ending their marriage. He also said Kelly has been blowing off the suit and won’t deal with it at all.

A Mississippi sheriff’s deputy has sued R. Kelly after accusing him of having an affair with his ex-wife. (Photo: E. Jason Wambsgans/AFP via Getty Images)

In June, Bryant tried to get the two year old case moving and asked for a trial date to be set. But things were halted when Kelly was arrested on July 11 in Chicago by Homeland Security and detectives from the New York Police Department.

Kelly was hit with a five-count indictment from the Eastern District of New York then, as well as a 13-count indictment out of the Northern District of Illinois. But Bryant said that shouldn’t keep him from collecting what he believes is owed to him.

On July 15, 2012, the deputy married Asia Childress and said he knew that she was involved with Kelly before they were together.

Bryant also claimed their marriage was going smoothly until October of 2012 when Childress attended one of Kelly’s concerts, which rekindled their romance.

Bryant said the affair went on for five years, and his ex even made him move to Georgia, which he found out was to be closer to Kelly. The singer reportedly had more than one property in Atlanta, but got evicted from two of them once his legal troubles began.

So Bryant eventually made the move to Georgia, but because he couldn’t find work it caused him to have crippling financial issues. He also accused Kelly of giving his ex chlamydia during the affair, and she would go to see him whenever he had a concert nearby.

In the end, Childress asked Bryant for a divorce, and because one can sue another for having an affair in Mississippi, Bryant took his beef to court.

He now wants to be financially compensated for the money he lost. Plus, Bryant wants to be paid because he claimed Kelly made his ex take away her love, support and physical intimacy, which caused him to suffer psychologically and emotionally.

Kelly admitted that he knows Childress but denies sleeping with her and ending Bryant’s marriage. The embattled singer also requested for the entire case to be thrown out, but the judge has yet to make a decision.

Besides the federal charges Kelly is facing, he was also hit with a 10-count indictment for sexual abuse out of Chicago in February and another 11-count indictment for sexual misconduct in May, also out of Chicago.

The singer is facing a prostitution charge in Minnesota as well, after he was accused of paying a 17-year-old girl to dance naked for him in 2001. He’s pleaded not guilty to all of the charges.

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