Police searched the Chicago recording studio of R. Kelly to investigate whether it was being used as a residence.

TMZ showed a video of the Chicago Police Department, as well as the Cook County Building and Zoning Department, going into the the studio on Wednesday, Jan. 16, which reportedly drew a lot of attention. Especially since the singer has been surrounded by growing backlash after the “Surviving R. Kelly” documentary series aired earlier this month.

R. Kelly was accused by the Chicago Building and Zoning Department of using his music studio as a residence.

“I’m curious today to see what they find inside,” said Jim Lewis, who owns a business next to the studio. “You know, if they’re bringing out mattresses and women’s clothing, doesn’t that say a lot to the allegation?”

The studio is only supposed to be used for commercial purposes, so it would be unlawful for anyone to live there. TMZ also claimed that it is also standard for police to accompany the Building and Zoning Department for inspections, so their presence had nothing to do with the multiple allegations surrounding Kelly.

After the inspection concluded, it was determined that violations were committed since there was proof that one or more people were living in the studio space. It was also discovered that alterations were made inside without authorization.

“[We] observed building code violations including evidence of residential use, which is noncompliant with the zoning code and work performed without approved plans or permits,” said the Building and Zoning Department in a statement.

According to ABC News, one of Kelly’s associates was seen removing computer equipment from the studio. Kelly is currently facing eviction for $173,000 in back rent. There’s no word on whether he was present for the inspection.

You can see video of the studio inspection below.

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