The rapper BlocBoy JB is on the receiving end of some backlash for the way he treated a homeless person. Ironically, he was actually giving the man money, but it’s the way he did it that has a lot of folks upset.

BlocBoy JB received backlash for the way he gave money to a homeless man.

In a video shared by the rapper, you can see him approaching a man sleeping on the street and then dropping several 100 dollar bills on him.

“Get your ass up. Wake up,” said BlocBoy, as some of the bills fell on the man’s face.

It seems the rapper gave the guy $1,000 in about three seconds, which some said they’d be happy for, but others found the move very disrespectful.

“He could have handed him the money with dignity. Was this a flex for him or a good deed. I’m confused,” someone wrote.

“IDGAF,” another person tweeted. “If I need it or not, n—- throwing money at me like that [can] keep that sh–.”

Others, however, said it doesn’t matter how BlocBoy gave up the money, at least he helped someone in need when so many others don’t.

“Y’all saying ‘He couldn’t have handed to him?’ someone wrote. “You know how much more pleasurable it is to wake up and it’s raining money?”

“Only n—– who walk or drive pass a homeless person everyday on their way to work and never gives them money has a problem with this,” wrote another.

BlocBoy hasn’t addressed the controversy yet, but he may do so in the future. You can see the clip below.


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