Over the weekend “Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta” star Rasheeda Frost posted a stern message on her social media feed that sparked curiosity from fans.

Frost took to Instagram on Saturday with an inspirational post ostensibly warning folks to not worry about detractors who will try to damage their reputations.

The celeb’s post read, “God will deal with the people who try to discredit you,” and added the caption “100” emoji.

Rasheeda Frost

A slew of fans completely related to the television personality’s post.

“Amen @rasheeda thou ‘preparest a table before me in the presence of my enemies.'”

“This is big facts, the perfect words at the perfect time .”

“Yes ma’am ain’t this the truth!!! Thank u for the reminder .”

Other folks were curious if Frost’s post was directed toward anyone.

“Who Rasheeda?”

“Is this a message to u know who ?”

The Pressed owner’s post follows a week after Jasmine Washington, the former mistress of her husband Kirk Frost, slammed the star for criticizing her parenting skills.

Jasmine Washington
Jasmine Washington (left) and Kirk and Rasheeda Frost. (Photos: @jasmineblue/Instagram, @rasheeda/Instagram)

Washington had an issue with Rasheeda seemingly shading her on “LHHATL” for not potty-training her and Kirk’s 2-year-old son Kannon.

“I was going to hold my tongue, but that really wouldn’t be me, so here it goes,” the 28-year-old posted on her Instagram story March 26. “I’m not too fond on my mothering skills being put into question by those who aren’t even really in the picture besides when it’s time to film or when it’s convenient for you.”

She continued her response by implying that the fashionista and Kirk should “help” her instead of judging her.

Rasheeda nor Kirk has yet to publicly address Washington’s remarks, but fans sure had a lot to say.

“I got 3 kids and all mines was in undies at 2. This is pure laziness!!! Rasheeda was right!”

“Rasheeda shouldn’t have anything [to say] about the girls’s mothering. It’s not her son And if she’s so concerned she should’ve just suggested if she need helps potty training.”

“What did Jasmine think would happen when you got pregnant for a married man  .”

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