Steve Harvey recently began sharing animated videos on YouTube that tell some of the stories of his life.

The latest animated clip arrived in the wee hours of Friday, Nov. 15, and it’s titled “Success is Like an Acorn,” where Harvey said one has to be okay with being an acorn before they’re able to be an oak tree.

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He then explained that too many people want to be an oak tree right off the bat, without going through the necessary sacrifices and hardships.

Harvey compared those struggles to the dirt an acorn needs to be in to grow and said surviving tough times is a crucial part of success.

Plus, the 62-year-old said that often times someone will come up to him and say they’re going to mimic his success, and he often tells them they have no idea what it took to reach his current level.

“What I did to become this tree that I am, I’ve been doing this 35 years straight,” Harvey explained. “Through homelessness, through three marriages, through losing everything I’ve owned twice, through, boy, they done ain’t me alive on the Internet. I’ve been getting fertilized for so long.”

“A lot of y’all don’t like when they throw dirt on you,” he added. “Get used to it. That’s what it takes to be an oak tree … You got to get okay with this dirt that’s on you. Dirt ain’t dirt. Dirt is fertilizer. Dirt is nutrients. Dirt is the thing you need to push through.”

To say people were inspired by the clip would be an incredible understatement.

Steve Harvey told a motivational story about having survival skills in order to be successful. (Photo: Paras Griffin / Getty Images Entertainment via Getty Images)

“Omg that’s the realest thing I’ve heard in a while,” one person wrote on YouTube. “That’s deep.”

“Motivation in another dimension,” someone else commented. “Am loving this Steve.”

“So profound, so accurate, so beautiful. Thank you ,” wrote a third fan.

And one person said Harvey should devote an entire YouTube page for his animated videos.

“Who else wants Steve to have a completely another channel JUST for this!!!!!!” that person commented.

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