It looks like Denzel Washington fans will lose out in one way but win in another.

Variety reports that the legendary actor is in serious talks to play a police officer in the film “Little Things,” which is the win.

Denzel Washington apparently has put aside discussions to direct a movie with Michael B. Jordan in favor of acting in another film. (Photos: Getty Images, Pablo Cuadra/Gregg DeGuire.

But in order to take on that role, he had to forgo working with Michael B. Jordan on the movie “Journal of Jordan,” which is the loss. Washington was supposed to direct the film and the 32-year-old actor star in it.

Washington was apparently considering several other projects at the time when news of his movie with Jordan surfaced, while the “Creed” actor already committed. But at some point, a meeting between Washington and “Little Things'” script writer John Lee Hancock convinced the 64-year-old to take the cop role instead.

In “Little Things,” Washington will play a worn-down deputy sheriff in California’s Kern County, who has a knack for picking up “little things” during investigations, and he’ll be using that gift to hunt down a serial killer.

Meanwhile, “Journal for Jordan,” is based on the book of the same name by Dana Canedy, and it’s a true story about her relationship with Sgt. Charles Monroe King, who was killed in Iraq in 2006 but wrote life lessons down for his baby son before he died.

Earlier this month, Jordan teamed up with Spike Lee for a 90-second short titled “Words Matter” for the luxury accessory brand Coach.

The Lee directed film shows the actor riding a motorbike through a desert, then discovering rocks on the ground that have words etched in them like “hatred,” “bigotry” and “evil.” So Jordan picks up the rocks and replaces them with other ones that say “Truth” “Courage” and “Love.”

At this point, neither Jordan or Washington have talked about “Journal for Jordan,” and there’s no word if they have any plans to team up in the future.

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