Sony Computer Entertainment America settled Federal Trade Commission (FTC) charges that it mislead consumers with claims of the PlayStation Vita handheld gaming console’s “game changing” technological features as part of its U.S. campaign launch in 2011 and 2012, according to a report by the FTC.

In its advertisements, Sony claimed that the game would allow gamers to “remote play,” and that they could engage in “cross platform” play by starting a game on a PS3 and picking up where they left off on a PS Vita. After investigation, the FTC suggests that such claims were misleading.

Deutsch LA, Sony’s advertising agency, also got into a little trouble as the commission charged that they should have known that the advertisements were false.

The FTC settlement terms bar Sony from making other misleading advertisement claims in the future, and it refunds consumers who bought the console before June 1, 2012 $25 cash or credit, or a $50 merchandise voucher for select video games and/or services. The eligible customers will receive notice after the FTC finalizes the settlement.


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