Mariah Huq is bringing to light accusations that Quad Webb-Lunceford tore her family apart during part one of the “Married to Medicine” reunion, and the results are explosive.

In November, a source told All About the Tea that in 2010, back when the reality stars were besties, Webb-Lunceford hooked up with Huq’s brother-in-law.

“Quad slept with Mariah’s sister’s husband while they were best friends,” the insider spilled. “Quad hates Mariah because Mariah has her number. Mariah has inside knowledge of the affair, and that makes Quad uncomfortable. She knows that she betrayed not only her husband but her best friend.”

Huq’s sister, Lekeeda “Lake” Kelley, heard about the fling and showed up in Webb-Lunceford’s driveway. A physical altercation reportedly ensued.

That battle never played out in front of M2M cameras, but Huq decided to lay it out on the table during part one of the season 6 reunion Friday night.

“Me and my sister went to Quad’s house, Quad — listen, my right hand to God — she was wearing my brother-in-law’s t-shirt, smelled like him and his business cards … a stack of his business cards … that’s when I knew. … You nasty f—ing ho!” Huq said.

“You are a liar! You are a liar, girl! You are a liar! You are a liar!” Webb-Lunceford shouted.

Host Andy Cohen cuts in to ask why it would make sense for Huq to make up such a claim when it negatively affects her sister.

“She doesn’t care who she hurts, if it’s to destroy me, she will do it by all means necessary,” Webb-Lunceford says before firing off, “with your cocaine snorting ass!”

Huq swiftly denied being a drug user, saying she doesn’t even use tobacco.

Meanwhile, fans began taking sides over the accusations.

“I believe Mariah, something about Quad ain’t right. She seems to be fony. You can tell by she moving.”

“Mariah is an even disgusting woman. Jealousy is a serious disease!!”

“Quad is guilty and we all know it.”

“Quad would’ve NEVER brought it up if it were true…Mariah is lying!”

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