Rihanna Flirting with ‘Twilight’s Robert Pattinson on Twitter

After confessing her true, undying love for Chris Brown to Oprah Winfrey, Rihanna reportedly has set her sights on a new target:  Robert Pattinson, who is trying to emerge from heart break after he and the entire world discovered that his girlfriend Kristen Stewart had cheated on him.

Rihanna has been exchanging “sexy, funny texts” with Pattinson, which are Rihanna’s way of helping Pattinson emerge from his gloom, according to an article published in OK! Magazine via Hollywood Life.

“They’ve met several times at award bashes over the years,” a friend of the singer told the magazine. “RiRi thinks he’s very cute, but nothing ever came of it because he was attached to Kristen—and it’s not her style to steal someone else’s man.”

“She got Rob’s phone number from a mutual friend and has been sending him sexy, funny texts to cheer him up,” the source continued to OK! Magazine. “At first, Rob thought someone Punk’d him. Eventually Rihanna convinced him she was for real, but Rob has been resisting her.”

But perhaps Pattinson won’t be resisting the sexy Barbados native for long: Pattinson’s friends have been trying to get him to “start enjoying life again,” according to published reports. We’re thinking Rihanna might be the perfect recipe for enjoying life again.

Pattinson’s ordeals with fellow “Twilight” star Stewart, who cheated on him with married “Snow White and the Huntsman” director Rupert Sanders in late July, have obsessed the gossip magazines over the past two months—with Stewart even issuing a public apology to her boyfriend via People magazine.

After Pattinson moved out of the Los Feliz, Calif., home he shared with Stewart, he went on national television and joked to Jimmy Kimmel that he is now “homeless.”

Rihanna’s dramatic love life has gotten just as many headlines as Pattinson’s.

“We’ve been working on our friendship again,” Rihanna tearfully told Oprah. “We’ve built a trust again. We love each other and we probably always will and that’s not anything that we’re gonna try to change. That’s not something you can shut off if you’ve ever been in love. We’ve worked on it little by little. It’s not easy. The main thing for me is that he’s at peace.”

But a report on Yahoo! News said Rihanna was spotted with Rob Kardashian at the Racer’s Edge Indoor Karting track in Burbank, California. A Rihanna-Kardashian relationship would be so tantalizing, we fear the heads of gossip columnists across the land would explode from excitement.


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