Rihanna Wins Big in Court Without Even Showing Up

Rihanna wins legal feels from British retailer TopshopRihanna has won a large sum of money after a judge ruled against British retail chain Topshop for selling a tank top with Rihanna’s image on it without her permission.

Rihanna just keeps winning and winning and winning yet again.

Although she did not even show up to court during the legal battle with Topshop, the retail chain has been ordered to pay the Bajan singer’s legal fees that amounted to rather shocking figures.

When the judge realized RiRi’s legal bill was a staggering £919,000 ($1.47 million), he said the figures were “startling” to say the least.

He also didn’t see how the sum could be justified so he settled on a smaller amount for the retail chain to cough up – £200,000, the equivalent of $321,760.

The judge ruled in her favor back in July, saying that Topshop didn’t have the right to pass off the shirt as an item Rihanna endorsed.

Her monetary award from the ruling comes shortly after she blasted R&B singer Teyana Taylor on Twitter, which quickly erupted into an embarrassing Twitter war that had African-American women everywhere ashamed of how the ladies were behaving on social media.

Rihanna Teyana Taylor shamelessly throw shade on Twitter After RiRi threw some major shade at Taylor via an Instagram video, Teyana responded with a few choice words on Twitter.

Things got nasty when Rihanna changed the background of her Twitter profile to an image of her net worth next to Taylor’s net worth – needless to say the difference was astounding. While RiRi was worth $90 million, Teyana Taylor’s net worth came in at a debatable $500,000.

While Taylor laughed off the image by claiming Rihanna had way too much time on her hands for Googling her net worth, it seemed like Taylor had even more time on her hands after she Photoshopped a picture of herself beating up Rihanna by placing their pictures on the shoulders of boxers in the ring.

Either way, the tweets that were exchanged were embarrassing. Instead of celebrating the success of another African-American woman in the music industry, the ladies bared their claws and immediately began tearing each other down as if there aren’t enough people ready and willing to do that already.

The Twitter war didn’t end without Taylor threatening Rihanna’s life and making accusations about her sex life.

While Rihanna was just as foolish for starting the feud, she chose not to tweet much during the spat and claimed that tweeting Taylor would only give her free publicity that she didn’t deserve.

The tweets that RiRi did post in response to Taylor were quickly deleted from the social media site.

Looks like Chris Brown really was the perfect match for Rihanna – both of the young celebs love starting shameless Twitter wars only to delete their tweets after a few minutes.

Rihanna reveal goth look after being late to first Australian showMeanwhile, RiRi switched up her style once again as the “Good Girl Gone Bad” went goth.

When she arrived in Australia on Friday she was dressed in an all- black ensemble with a large black choker around her neck.

Cross earrings dangled from her ear as she kept her hair wrapped up in a black bandana.

Quite frankly, the look was a little odd even for Rihanna. While she at least has the decency to keep her nipple rings under cover this time around, the outfit was still bizarre and we’re wondering how her rumored-to-be boy toy Drake would feel about the look – or any other man for that matter.

Either way, she’s already back to her usual antics after she arrived an hour and 20 minutes late to her first Australian show in Adelaide on Thursday.

She recently claimed that she doesn’t hit up the club scene that frequently anymore because it’s “boring,” but that just makes us wonder what her new excuse will be if she continues to arrive at her own shows fashionably late.

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