Robin Givens to Guest star on ABC's 'Suburgatory'

Robin-Givens Cast Suburgatory

Robin Givens is back! Well sort of, a rogue casting director from ABC cast Givens in a guest starring role in ‘Suburgatory.’ The comedy follows a young girl that is plucked from the big city by her single parant father after he finds condoms in her dresser draw. Now she has to rebuild her life in a slow paced world.

Given is best know for her knockout blow to Iron Mike Tyson that left him in a daze for the past 20 years. After that, Givens kept a very low profile for many years.

In the show she will play Tulsa, a former nemesis of Dallas(Cheryl Hines), from queen of the suburban housewives. Givens episode will air in March.

Givens also recently appeared in a recurring guest role in NBC’s ‘Chuck,’ she played a strick tough black ops director.

‘Suburgatory’ comes on TV every Wednesday at 830 pm on ABC.



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