In the midst of the GOP response to President Obama’s State of the Union address last night, reporters crowded around bellicose rocker Ted Nugent, a man who once threatened the president’s life so vociferously that he apparently got a visit from the Secret Service, to hear his predictably nasty and dramatic rejoinder to Obama.

The reporters went to Nugent clearly looking for some fireworks to break up the monotony of policy debates and Nugent didn’t disappoint. First he implied that he would have to pull down his pants to show how he really felt about the president’s speech. But he said he had promised to behave himself. He was invited to the speech by Republican Rep. Steve Stockman of Texas.

Nugent with arms folded at State of the Union
Nugent with arms folded at State of the Union

“You just can’t get more of a predictable flowery script,” Nugent said as reporters swarmed, according to the Wall Street Journal. “And every time he is done speaking he either does just the opposite or nothing at all.”

Nugent gave his views on how to stop violent crime. They were very different from Obama’s.

“My favorite part was when I couldn’t hear clearly… I didn’t have to get angry,” Nugent said, adding that officers in the Capitol building gave him encouragement.

“A lot of the guys in various law enforcement departments tonight said thanks for saying what we’re not allowed to say,” Nugent said. “That’s some pretty powerful encouragement — and I’m scary when I’m encouraged that much.”

Nugent continually drew attention during the election for his outrageous comments blasting Obama — and because Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney refused to distance himself from Nugent.

Nugent had written a column in the Washington Times suggesting perhaps the country would have been better off if the South had won the Civil War.

After the election, Nugent tweeted: “Pimps whores & welfare brats & their soulless supporters hav a president to destroy America.”

Between television interviews, Nugent used a sarcastic tone toward Obama’s speech. “I’m so excited that someone’s going to bring about world peace and save the children,” Nugent said. “I’m relieved, how about you? Are you kidding me!! And thank God he’s going to stop global warming — I was starting to get concerned.”



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