Love and Hip Hop” veteran Safaree Samuels blasted a moving company all over social media on Monday afternoon after the employees allegedly swindled him.

Samuels recently purchased a home in Atlanta and hired a local moving company to help him with his transition.

However, the reality star took to Instagram on Jan. 7 and claimed First Class Moving and Storage was a fraudulent business that broke and stole items of his. He also posted a screenshot of the company’s information and blasted a manager of the operation.

Safaree Samuels

“This moving company scammed, Broke and stole things from me. Danielle Miller your a gotdamn thief!” Samuels angrily wrote in his caption. “This moving company needs to be shut down!!!”

The LHH star also urged fans to “raise hell” at the company.

“All there info is here. Raise all the Hell you would like!! I wanna make sure no one else uses this company on earth!” he added.

Samuels also stated in the comment section that the company has more than one address and he was trying to figure out which one to go to.

“I’m trying to find out where exactly they at to go raise hell!!! They have more than 1 address,” he added.

Other fans chimed in and asserted that the business was indeed faulty.

“Omg that’s the same moving company that stole my ducking s–t!” one person exclaimed.

Another added, “Atlanta is full of scammers, hell I don’t know who to trust.”

One fan suggested that Samuels get the law involved and hire a lawyer.

“If its true that your personal property was stolen and damaged – then take photos, document items missing with receipts, etc and SUE them – im sure that they are bonded – I imagine that they would have to be – so get ya attorney on it as well .”

The last time the New York rapper alleged someone stole from him the circumstances were much more serious. In April 2018, he was reportedly robbed at gunpoint in New Jersey. Camera footage of the incident surfaced online and showed two suspects approaching Samuels in a parking garage with their firearms drawn. The thieves reportedly stole more than $183,000 in cash and jewelry from the reality star.

The two robbers were caught by the NYPD shortly after the incident, and a third suspect was arrested later. Samuels called the robbery one of the “worst, scariest nights of my life.”

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