Ever since the beginning of 2019, Sean “Diddy” Combs has seemingly been on a mission of positivity.

For example, in a Jan. 9 Instagram post, Combs wrote that he refuses to argue with anyone this whole year, and three days after that he wrote, “You are being presented with two choices: Evolve or repeat.”

Sean “Diddy” Combs posted a video that shows he’s staying positive these days. (Photo @diddy Instagram)

The 49-year-old has maintained that same level of optimism for the first three months of 2019, even after he and his longtime girlfriend Cassie split in October of last year, and the mother of his children Kim Porter passed away just one month afterward.

Other positive posts the Bad Boy founder shared this year include a message about maintaining peace of mind, and another one told people they can overcome anything if they’re willing to “live their truth.”

Then on Tuesday March 19, Combs used a video to send encouragement, and it showed him kicking the terms “Drama,” “bad vibes,” “fake friends,” “depression,” “failure,” “negativity” and “bad habits” as they were superimposed on the screen. That message might well have been his way of encouraging himself.

“Positive Vibes Only,” Combs captioned the video, and it was clear that it was very well-received.

“Love this,” one person wrote. “It’s just what I needed. Yes!! And that fake friends piece…omg yes.”

“Gotta love Diddy and his positive energy,” wrote another.

“Love it thanks for the inspiration!” a third person responded.

There were also some who seemingly loved the post but were honest about how difficult it is to kick away things that are bad for them.

“except I miss and they all hit me face on,” one such person wrote.

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