An NFL star’s generous gesture is sure to make dozens of families’ holidays just a little bit brighter.

Chicago Bears linebacker Khalil Mack paid off over 300 active layaway accounts at a local Walmart in his South Florida hometown of Fort Pierce, Florida, last Friday, according to TC Palm.

Khalil Mack
A Walmart manager said a member of Khalil Mack’s foundation asked that the donation be made anonymous. (Photo: Stacy Revere/Getty Images)

The store announced the exciting news in a Facebook post, writing, “If you have an active Holiday Layaway account at your local Ft. Pierce Walmart, your account has been paid off!” Walmart manager Matthias Libardi said the payment was made through Mack’s charitable foundation.

“We here at Walmart would like to thank the Khalil Mack Foundation for your generosity, and for making so many families happy for the holidays!” the post continued. “Everyone is truly grateful for everything that you’ve done for them!”

Mack launched the foundation with a goal of “positively affecting the lives of intercity and under-privileged youths and families by providing for the community.” Further speaking to his selflessness, Libardi said the player didn’t want to be publicly recognized for his donation.

“His foundation came to us and said he wanted to be a secret Santa,” the manager told the newspaper.

Libardi declined to say how much Mack’s gesture cost, but the Chicago Tribune reported that it equaled close to $80,000. His show of generosity was met with plenty of praise from fans online.

“Awesome to see someone in his position give back,” one Facebook user wrote. “Happy Holidays to those given the ability to enjoy them a little bit more thanks to the generosity shown here!”

“What an amazing wonderful surprise for those families. Thank you for giving back,” another chimed in.

Countless fans thanked Mack for simply “being a blessing to others.”

The football pro is stranger to giving back, though. In June, he donated 100 pairs of cleats to the football team at Fort Pierce Westwood High, his alma mater.

Mack was first drafted to the NFL in 2014 and spent four seasons with the Oakland Raiders before landing with his current team. According to his site, he’s the first player in NFL history to earn first-team All-Pro honors at two different positions in the same year, and was named Defensive Player of the Year in 2016.


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