Seven Kids, Four Baby Mommas: Nick Cannon Calls Monogamy a ‘Eurocentric Concept’

Nick Cannon shared his fathering philosophy on the airwaves after welcoming five children from four different mothers in the past year. The TV star who is the father of seven, appeared on The Breakfast Club on Monday to offer up his explanation of why monogamy is not a construct he can connect with.

Cannon said having “one person for the rest of your life,” is a “Eurocentric concept.”

Despite other’s opinions about his lifestyle, Cannon doesn’t see anything wrong with his choices. He said the essence of fatherhood is beautiful, educational, and amazing. 

“I really just love being around my kids,” he said. “Just that youthful energy—it feels like you get to relive every time,” he told hosts Charlamagne and DJ Envy. 

He went on to share that because of the mental, physical, and spiritual challenges he’s faced in his life, “the best place that I find is the time that I spend with my kids… to pass on all that I’ve lived into something else, that’s why I do it.”

In the interview, Charlamagne said people question Cannon’s decision to birth children with different mothers. 

“But why do people question that? That’s a Eurocentric concept when you think about the ideas of, like, you’re supposed to have this one person for the rest of your life, and really that’s just to classify property when you think about it,” he said about the history of the institution of marriage.

Cannon further challenged the idea that a man should be with one woman, saying he’s never subscribed to that mentality. He said when it comes to a relationship he has “no ownership over this person” and it’s really about “what exchange can we create together.”

He went on, “Because we’re so indoctrinated into it, like, ‘We have to have it this way,’ I don’t subscribe to that. I actually think women are blessing us. Those women, and all women, are the ones that open themselves up to say, ‘I would like to allow this man in my world, and I will birth this child.’ So, it ain’t my decision, I’m following suit.”

His seven children include his first set of twins, son Moroccan and daughter Monroe, with his former wife, singer Mariah Carey. He has a daughter, Powerful Queen, and a son, Golden, with model Brittany Bell. He also has twin boys born in June, Zion Mixolydian and Zillion Heir with professional DJ, Abby De La Rosa. Most recently, his youngest son, Zen, was born in July with model Alyssa Scott.

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