After getting too carried away at Nene Leakes‘ “Bye Wig” party,  Shamari DeVoe had a chat about what went down with her husband Ronnie DeVoe.

The Blaque singer got wasted at the bash and began fondling the breast of Eva Marcille, whom she later threw up on, as well as grabbing Tanya Sam’s crotch. The moment was caught on camera and aired on “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” Sunday, March 3.

“I didn’t do it in a sexual way because the only person I want to have sex with is you,” Shamari, who doesn’t drink at home, tells her husband in sneak peek of an upcoming episode of “RHOA” airing March 10.

While the women found the matter humorous, Ronnie decidedly did not.

“You hear what I’m saying to you right now when I’m looking at you, right?” he said. “The drinks and some of that s— can lead to s— that ain’t right. That leads to her f–king around with other people, and that leads to separation.”

Ronnie’s concerns may be valid, too.

The couple spent a portion of their marriage in an open relationship to mitigate the New Edition member’s cheating. Shamari only stuck to women during that time, per Ronnie’s wishes. She put an end to their open relationship after one year.

But Shamari, who in a confessional expressed disappointment in her spouse not being there for her more often, denied a split would ever happen and said “it’s OK for me to go out and have a little fun.”

“But not too much damn fun,” Ronnie replied with a chuckle.

“I don’t want to do anything that’s gonna embarrass myself, embarrass you or embarrass my family,” she aid. “So, I will be watching myself.”

“Yeah. I’ma be watching you too,” Ronnie answered.

Online, fans were split about whether Shamari, who shares two young twins with Ronnie, should have gotten so intoxicated during her desire to “get out there and have a good time,” in her words.

“I feel her tho. S—. She was just having fun, wasn’t no harm.”

“She need to calm down

“I think as women we all have these kinds of moments however being on Tv you get more scrutiny because you have a certain image but who cares we get one life.”

“Looks tacky⚰but I luv her on show.”

“@shamaridevoe listen your husband don’t let this show mess up a good marriage get the bag n go

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