Wendy Williams has said she’s not going to drag her ex-husband’s name through the mud, but the talk show host is at least throwing some shade at Kevin Hunter.

Williams did that while discussing “Felon Bae” Jeremy Meeks, who has called it off with Topshop heiress Chloe Green.

“I used to say this as a joke on ‘Hot Topics’: poke a hole in the condom and get pregnant. But that backfired on me, didn’t it?” she said on “The Wendy Williams Show” Oct. 2 while discussing Felon Bae and alluding to Hunter’s love child with alleged longtime mistress Sharina Hudson.

In March, Hudson, a massage therapist, was reported to have given birth to a baby girl, and the following month Williams filed to divorce Hunter. The TV personality was married to her husband and former business partner for 22 years after dating him for three.

“Turnabout’s a fair game, I’m a fair game player and a straight shooter, too. Pow, pow!” Williams continued during Wednesday’s “Hot Topics” segment before turning her attention to Hudson. “She regrets that mess, though. Life is not what you think it is behind the scenes, trust me. Trust me!

“Homegirl is miserable,” Williams said before miming as if she were a confused mother rocking her baby. “In the meantime, I’m over here. That’s what you get!”

The shady remarks drew audible gasps and cheers from Williams’ studio audience, or her co-hosts, as she calls them. It also spawned tons of reactions online.

“She got time today!”


“Okay. At This Point Wendy 🥴 Stop Picking At Your Scar & Let It Heal 🤷‍♀️

“You can tell she lowkey wanna cry”

“’He’s your headache now’ I know that’s right sis!”

After her divorce filing, Williams dropped Hunter as her manager and his name has been removed from the “Wendy” show credits. The executive producer has been listed as “Just Wendy” since season 10’s finale aired in June. She also dissolved the former couple’s nonprofit, The Hunter Foundation, which was founded in 2014 to help people dealing with drug addiction.

Despite Williams’ distancing herself from Hunter and her recent dose of shade, she has previously said she won’t be dissing her estranged husband.

“The first thing I clear up is if you’re looking for me to throw [him] under the bus, then you’re at the wrong show. There’s other stuff to talk about. Like when do you take your wig off?” she said on “Sway in the Morning” in August.

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