‘She’s Old So How Would She Know’: Fans Side with Bow Wow After Wendy Williams Shades Him on Her Talk Show

Bow Wow isn’t letting any of Wendy Williams‘ infamous shade get him down. After she came for his fame on her daytime talk show, he still has nothing but love for the gossip queen.

During her Nov. 24 show, Williams went in on an Instagram post the 33-year-old “Like You” rapper shared, in which he called out the older generation of rappers for “starting to look like haters.”

(L-R) Bow Wow and Wendy Williams. Photo: @shadmoss/Instagram @wendyshow/Instagram

He wrote, “Some of these older guys are starting to look like haters. You not pose to understand the music but lets praise these young artist for making a way for themselves. Some of yall old heads have to accept its over and find a new way to continue on your legacy. Doesnt look good on yall resume.”

Williams discussed the post during her Hot Topics segment beginning at the 4:55 mark of the taping. “I can’t believe that a man is rapping for 27 years and didn’t have a hit. That’s why he’s mad,” she said before reading his statement from a notecard, ripping it up, and angrily asking, “Who are you talking about?!?”

She continued, “And I like you. We can fight it out today and still be thankful for each other’s big mouths tomorrow, but look Bow Wow, the hip-hop vets?! What are you saying? First of all, most old head hip-hop artists are either in jail, strung out, or broke, or dead. Most. However, the ones that are doing it are doing it better than you Mr. 27 Years Never Had a Hit.”

Before wrapping up her rant, Williams proceeded to remind Bow Wow that he too is now an old head; named a slew of rappers that she considers “hip-hop vets” including Jay Z, Snoop Dogg, E-40, and more, then challenged her show DJ, Suss One, to name one Bow Wow hit that didn’t feature another artist.

Photo: @shadmoss/Instagram

The “Shortie Like Mine” rapper caught wind of the clip, but decided to take the high road in his response to the dragging Wendy attempted to deliver on her show. His reply was simply a brief statement of “love” in the form of an Instagram Stories post. “I love you too Wendy Williams! Wishing you Happy Thanksgiving and a blessed holiday!” he shared.

Fans applauded Bow’s maturity over the situation and chimed in to throw some shade of their own at Wendy.

“I love him that’s right Bow Wow be mature”

“He had tons of hits. His songs were for pre-teens not Wendy”

we stan a mature king”

“Away with bad energy

“She’s old so how would she know tf

One fan even went so far as to list off a slew of the rapper’s hits in the comments to drive the point home. “Let me hold you, I be crying to outta my system, Marco Polo ft Soulja boy, Shawty like mine, like you ft Ciara, aint thinking bout you ft Chris Brown, child i can go on. Stop playing with that man.”

Wendy has yet to respond to Bow Wow’s high road shoutout, but between his original “old heads” post and this response, it looks like he’s on the road to redemption in many fans’ eyes.

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