Small Business, Big Challenges: 3 Ways to Face Them Head On

Building a successful business will be rewarding; yet at times, uncomfortable. Sometimes you will make mistakes, sometimes you will have to deal with the mistakes of others, and sometimes you will face unforeseen challenges. But it’s all about your response. Your mindset and actions when these obstacles arise will determine whether they become your stumbling blocks or stepping stones.

When a problem arises i’s tempting to ignore it or prolong dealing with it.  But procrastinating simply compounds the original issue. Action is like an antibiotic and immediately reduces the pain and stops its spread.

When you face a challenge, problem or fear in business deal with it honestly, directly and in a timely manner. You will be amazed at the respect you will gain or retain by accepting and then addressing the issue instead of pushing that nagging feeling away, ignoring the e-mail, looking at your phone and letting the third call from that person go to voicemail, flashing a fake smile and pretending nothing is wrong, or hoping that someone else will deal with what you are avoiding.

I used to avoid confrontation or any kind of conversation that wasn’t totally pleasant. I thought confrontation was synonymous with drama and that crucial conversation was mean, rude and abrasive. The truth is sometimes confrontation is necessary and it doesn’t have to be dramatic. And sometimes crucial conversation is a must but it doesn’t have to be belittling. Your intentions and delivery are the key; and you, your business and other people who are involved will fare a lot better in the end when you step forward as a leader to deal with the tough calls just as quickly as you embrace the happy ones.

Ask yourself three questions to make sure your delivery and intentions are constructive and helpful when addressing problems in business:

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