Small Business Employment Continues Improvement

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For the fourth consecutive month this year, small business employment has shifted for the better with 20,000 jobs being added in June according to findings from the monthly Intuit Inc. Small Business Employment and Revenue Indexes.

According to the figures, small businesses have added $595,000 jobs since March 2010, which shows major signs of a recovery in the small business employment department.

“This month’s employment data makes for the fourth consecutive month of small business job growth after a flat job market early in 2014. While employment growth continued this month, changes for compensation and hours worked were mixed but very small,” Market Watch reports economist Susan Woodward saying.

Although an increase in employment is a sign of small business improvements, employment still remains 900,000 workers shy of the March 2007 peak. Hopefully, with continued growth, small businesses will be surpass this number in the coming months.

SOURCE: Market Watch


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