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‘SMH…Why?’: Porsha Williams Faces Firestorm Over Letting 2-Week-Old Baby Do This

Porsha Williams is still learning the ropes of motherhood, and her latest action is drawing some criticism from fans.

The Real Housewives of Atlanta” star on Monday posted a photo of baby Pilar Jhena’ lying on the floor under an activity gym.

“Had to repost ‘my baby’ pudding pop! She is being a big girl playing with her toys 🤹‍♀️ @pilarjhena #2weeksOld” Williams captioned the image, which saw her baby’s face mostly obscured by the toy.

Porsha Williams’ 2-week-old daughter Pilar Jhena’. (Photo: @porsha4real/Instagram)

The infant’s position drew concern from many fans, as she was resting on her back and many felt Pilar was too young to be sprawled out on the floor in that way.

“Girl your baby supposed to be still swaddled @ 2 weeks. SOMEONE help her cause her bones is like cartilage. Take your time, she’s too young for that.”

“SMH….why ? She’s to little for this ‘SWADDLE TIME’ also if you don’t want anyone to see her beautiful face don’t post these pictures are ridiculous IJS.”

“This is too much for a new born…. Don’t do things like this for likes or completion… This is a fresh little baby geesh … Mommy instincts should hv kicked in by now !!!!”

“I agree wayyyy too young sis. Let our niece be a baby. They grow soooo fast. Enjoy these baby months. Get her up off that floor with them toys and swaddle her

Contrary to concerns from fans, UK-based BabyCentre, a digital source for pregnancy and parenting, says babies can use activity gyms from birth, but early on their focus will be on the toys closest to them. As their sight develops with age, the colors will become clearer and their focus improves. backs that up, saying activity mats are useful from day one, but at six months, babies can take full advantage as their hand-eye coordination improves.

This is not the first time that Williams has been questioned for how much she’s letting PJ advance beyond her age.

When Williams uploaded a photo of her baby girl holding a bottle on her own at only 6 days old, fans were just as critical.

“Folks stay wanting their baby to hold a bottle. Give her a few months chile!.”

“Too soon for to be holding a bottle. Growing her up to fast, enjoy the baby.”

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