Sofia Vergara and fiance Nick LoebWhat could lead Sofia Vergara’s fiance Nick Loeb to fly off in a jealous rage; a rage that eventually got him kicked out of a Miami hot spot while he and Vergara rang in New Year’s?

Another man, that’s what.

The sexy siren was seen taking a picture with what was presumably a fan and her fiance was not having it. Eyewitnesses reported that the couple had been arguing previously that night and once Sofia snapped a picture with a stranger, Loeb began arguing loudly with her. Also, there was a reported dust up between Vergara’s fiance and someone at a VIP table close by. The argument got so heated that Loeb and the unidentified person began pushing and shoving each other. Security was called to the scene to remove Loeb from the club. Reportedly Loeb was on edge because Vergara’s ex-boyfriend Chis Paciello was hosting them in VIP.

“Nick seemed tense around Chris, who was hosting them in the VIP section, even though he and Sofia are just friends.”


According to the NY Post,

“Sofia stepped in to try to calm the situation, but somehow she ended up getting pushed and shoved also. Her strapless dress was torn or pulled down in the melee, exposing her cleavage in front of other people and her son Manolo who was so offended he left the club.”

“It was crazy. Nick was pulled away from Sofia and those at the next table by security guards, who dragged him out of the VIP section and threw him out of the club.”

Sofia Vergara fiance fight on New YearsDouble wow. Totally embarrassing.

It took four security guards to remove Loeb from the club and they threw him out of the back door . That is definitely not a great way to bring in the New Year.

That was the second party the couple attended that night. Previous to the VIP fight, the couple looked cozy and in love as they rang in the New Year at the Delano Hotel.

This isn’t the first instance of trouble in paradise for the pair. Just before it was revealed that they were engaged, rumors were flying that Vergara and Loeb were breaking up over repeated arguments. The couple surprised a few when they became engaged instead of single.

It’s rumored that Vergara forgave her fiance that night and the couple have moved along from this incident.

sofia vergara dress ripped, breast exposed in fight


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