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Steve Harvey Cracks on Folks Who Refuse to Quit Their Jobs After Winning the Lottery

If Steve Harvey ever wins the lottery, you can kiss his daytime talk show goodbye.

That’s because the host made it very clear he wouldn’t stick around to work if he hit it big, unlike some lotto winners.

And anyone who continues working just confuses him altogether.

Harvey explained just how on his talk show “Steve” recently. The clip of the segment was uploaded to the show’s official Instagram account Monday, March 11.

“You know what really disgusts me, though? You ever hear when people win large sums of money in the lottery and then they say something stupid like, ‘I’m not gone quit my job.’ What? You got a $168 million. You’re going to work for what? What do yo job pay you? That don’t make no sense. Not only am I gone quit my job, I’m gon’ hire an airplane to sky write a message over my job! ‘Steve Harvey not coming in today. Why? Because he just hit the lottery. Everybody can kiss my rich, black–‘ you know the rest of it.”

Fans were left howling with laughter over Harvey’s joke.

🤣🤣🤣 I’ll give a week’s notice but I’m outta there!”

“Kiss my rich black Asss 🤣

“I know that’s right Steve! I wouldn’t call to quit…I just wouldn’t show up and change my number 🤣🤣🤣🤣

That’s right Uncle Steve.”

While the joke tickled fans, a New Jersey man who recently won the lottery said he actually plans to take up some work.

Michael J. Weirsky won $273 million in the Mega Millions lottery last week and nearly lost his tickets after getting distracted at QuickChek in Phillipsburg, N.J., before heading out the door. A stranger turned in the tickets, and Weirsky soon discovered he won the big prize.

Weirsky, who has been unemployed for 15 years while he became a stay-at-home husband to his now-ex-wife, told The New York Times March 8 he plans to take his time finding work. Weirsky, who moved around often for his former spouse’s job, said he might start a business or do part-time work assisting a buddy who is a handyman.

“I am just going to sit back and enjoy it,” he told the newspaper.

Harvey himself is estimated across the internet to be worth no less than $120 million.

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