Steve Harvey has some advice on how women can enter the online dating world and keep the creeps at bay.

During the Feb. 20 edition of his online segment, “Rolling with Steve Harvey,” the talk show host explaine that women on dating apps should use two phones.

“You need your regular phone and you need a burner. Did you see ‘The Wire’? Get your … phone from Walmart, put you some minutes on that s— so when you meet a dude, this the phone number you give,” he explains. “His ass get creepy, throw that s— out the window. Go back down to Walmart, get another one.

“All women that’s dating should have two phones,” Harvey continues. “You need your burner and your regular phone. These new dudes you meet, just give ’em the burner number in case her turns out to be an asshole or something, then you can just throw the phone out the window. Talk to him on that. Then, when you think he’s OK, give him your number and start FaceTiming him.”

Harvey explained that by using video calls, women can see what a man’s living space is like to learn if he’s really worth their while. But before diving into chatting on the phone or on video, Harvey also advises women to sit back and let men do the work on apps.

“The technology can work to your advantage, ladies, if you don’t use it as a hunting tool,” he says. “All you want to do is show the hunter, which is us, the man, that you’re available. … Present yourselves, ladies, don’t hunt. Just present yourself. The hunter, we gon’ find you ’cause we hunt all day. … All you got to do is show yourself available.”

While the audience got a laugh out of Harvey’s tips, commenters who watched the segment had their own thoughts.

“You don’t need a whole new phone. There are some great second number apps. You can change the number whenever you want.”

“Burner phones are for cheaters and these dating sites are full of freaks and liars.”

“You can just block a number.”

“Showing women the tricks that men do lol.”

Perhaps this is the kind of relationship advice Harvey may have doled out to his stepdaughter, Lori Harvey. Earlier this month, the model was seen smooching with British Formula 1 race car champ Lewis Hamilton after dumping boyfriend and BET Award winner Trey Songz. Lori showed no issue with keeping her rotation evolving despite getting blasted by online onlookers.


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