Just one week after Steve Harvey was forced to address why he has only ever given his best-dressed prize to men, fans have taken another issue with it, complaining that everyday people don’t stand a chance.

On Friday, Dec. 7, the talk show host granted “Atlanta” star and creator Donald Glover the winner of the coveted Blue Cheese Award, which celebrates those who dress with style.

“I have selected a fine young brother. His name? Donald Glover,” Harvey says. “A.K.A. Childish Gambino. I been watching this young dude and he is so fly. I don’t know when they get to the orange suit, focus on the orange suit. Oh Lord! I gots to find me that. Childish Gambino, my man Glover, listen to me. You are blue cheese this week. You have been selected because you have impeccable taste. You are the cheese whiz of the week, man. Congratulations.”

Yet with this being the fourth celeb in a row to earn the title — Cam NewtonMichael B. Jordan and Shannon Sharpe are the others — one fan wondered if average people will ever get their chance to shine.

“Steve, I respect all that you do However I would like to know do you ever award ordinary hard working people?”

“@the_servant247365 man that’s the same question I had.”

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But one fan pointed out the comic has highlighted average people’s sense of style before.

“@the_servant247365 For many years he had the ‘Hoodie Awards’ or ‘Neighborhood Awards’ honoring local people in communities & small businesses & organizations.”

This is only the latest set of criticism Harvey has faced since announcing he’d be naming the best-dressed person of the week. A month ago, fans accused the comic of favoring rich and famous people when he named the Blue Cheese Award winner.

But he assured fans he would eventually give non-celebs the honor soon enough commenting, “absolutely, The Blue Cheese Award will feature celebs and non-celebs alike. Stay tuned.”


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