Steve Harvey is about as excited as anyone about Christmas approaching but his giddiness has led to some concern from a few fans.

“Have a happy holiday,” Harvey begins the Dec. 21 message from “The Steve Harvey Morning Show.” “I’m ’bout as happy for the holidays as happy can get. I’m smokin’ 89 cigars tomorrow. … Steve Harvey Moning Show. Wanna say happy holidays to everybody. Y’all have a good one, OK? Peace!”

But Harvey wasn’t quite done yet. He concluded by busting out in a rendition of “The First Noel” and “Silent Night.”

“I’m gon’ do a Christmas medley,” he says before introducing his singing alter ego. “Roscoe does the Christmas hits. That’s just a sample of how good it’s gon’ be. Pick up the new Roscoe Wallace Christmas album, OK?”

Yet while Harvey was jovial in the video, some fans worried about the hard-working comedian.

“Steve you either very tired and lack sleep, or your sick and don’t know it yet. Get checked out or get some sleep. I’m sorry to say that but I’m a nurse and I see it in your face.

“Be careful w/ the cigars deacon! mouth cancer.”

“Not good for your health.”

“You better not smoke that many I want you around for a long time.”

“Please dont smoke 89 cigars, it’s not healthy

Still, many others thought it was all in good fun.

“89 cigars? Lol!!!! Very funny. I hope Mrs. Harvey have the key to that room.”

Steve yr such a kid, that’s why u stay so young.”

“What you been drinking Roscoe? Spiced eggnog?

“I’m Sho gon buy the CD when it hits nothing like real ‘Harvey’ laughter! Thanks Steve

“@steveharveyfm EIGHTY NINE CIGARS THO???? Why NOT 90??? That’s like the guy who said a ‘PERFECT FALL DAY’ was 82 Degrees on THE FUEL!!! UNC…. you funny AND Crazy!!! But I’ma get that Roscoe album THO…. LMAO!!!

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