Yesterday, the production team released a clip from the Ashton Kutcher’s starring jOBS, which will debut at the Sundance Film Festival January 25, 2012. Of course the footage leaves room for major scrutiny, especially by those who were actually being depicted or witness the events first hand. Apple Co-Founder, Steve Wozniak, who started the billion dollar company alongside Steve Jobs, recently criticized the clip and said it looks as though they got the storyline “totally wrong”.

In a comment to Gizmodo, Wozniak said, “not close…we never had such interaction and roles…I’m not even sure what it’s getting at…personalities are very wrong although mine is closer.”

The 62-year-old computer geek stressed that Apple’s birth and computer ideas weren’t Jobs but rather started with him.

“Totally wrong,” Woz explained further in an email to the site. “Personalities and where the ideas of computers affecting society did not come from Jobs. They inspired me and were widely spoken at the Homebrew Computer Club [of which he was a member. Steve came back from Oregon and came to a club meeting and didn’t start talking about this great social impact.”

Wozniak also added that the real Jobs initially had a smaller vision.

“His idea was to make a $20 PC board and sell it for $40 to help people at the club build the computer I’d given away. The lofty talk came much further down the line.”

Sometimes Hollywood tries to do movies from the recollections of books and other written material. Often times film producer get the plots and characters wrong because they are seeking high entertainment value over truth. The last thing Wozniak said was, “our relationship was so different than what was portrayed. I’m embarrassed but if the movie is fun and entertaining, all the better.”

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