Lakers point guard Steve Nash is involved in a custody battle of an odd variety, as he fights to keep his ex-wife and three children from following him to Los Angeles. Nash separated from Alejandra Amarilla last year shortly after the birth of his son Matteo in 2010. Amarilla lived in Phoenix during the majority of Nash’s stint with the Suns following their 2005 marriage, but now she wants to bring Matteo and the twin daughters Nash fathered closer to their father’s new home.

Despite Nash’s alleged legal action against the move, TMZ reports that Amarilla has retained divorce lawyer Lance Spiegel to combat the case in both Arizona and California. Nash has not given any public reason as to why he want to prevent his children from being nearby, but TMZ speculates that the two-time MVP could be required to pay more child support should the family move to Los Angeles.

Nash, 38, has missed 15 of the Lakers’ 17 games this season after fracturing his left fibula early on in the team’s second game. The absence of the normally healthy veteran is a factor in the teams underwhelming 8-9 start. When he joined the team as a part of a sign and trade deal over the summer, Nash stated that he stayed on the west coast in order to be closer to his children.

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