Struggling U.S. Postal Service Is Losing $25 Million a Day

The postmaster general told Congress Wednesday that the agency needs to implement five-day delivery to reverse its perilous course, highlighted by the loss of tens of millions of dollars each day.

“We are losing $25 million dollars every day and we are on an unsustainable path,” said Postmaster General Patrick R. Donahoe, adding that USPS needs the flexibility to implement five-day delivery.

A congressional vote reversed the decision to cancel Saturday delivery. But Donahue said its immediate goals were to, according to the Washington Post:

– “To develop and price products quickly.”
– “To control our healthcare and retirement costs.”
– “To switch to a defined contribution retirement system for new employees.”
– “To quickly realign our mail processing, delivery and retail networks.”
– “To develop “a more streamlined governance model.”
– “And, we need more flexibility in the way we leverage our workforce.”

Donahue says that Congress’ decision was “specifically designed to prevent the Postal Service from changing its delivery schedule. According to this law, we are now required to deliver mail as if it were the year 1983.”

Read more at the Washington Post.

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