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A formerly homeless student who once wrote to President Obama for some words of advice is now selling the president’s 2011 handwritten response to help him pay for tuition.

Jesse Grainger detailed in his letter to Obama, the adversity of his childhood that included his adopted mom passing away at 13, resulting in him being lost in child services until he was old enough to leave.

“The day I turned 17 I walked out … with a book bag, a few outfits and my mom’s Bible to set out on a journey that has forever changed my life,” Page Six reports Grainger saying in the letter.

Three years after receiving the president’s response, the student is now selling the letter for $9,500 to help him pay for his tuition.

Grainger was taken in by a South Carolina family while attending junior college, and is now at Winthrop University pursing a degree in social work.

His effort to gain financial support and stay in school is certainly in line with Obama’s words of wisdom, with the president writing in his letter, “The best advice I can give you right now is finish your education.”

SOURCE: Page Six

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