Study: Generation X Most Popular Group In Leadership Perception

(Image: Thinkstock)

When it comes to the top generations that companies look for leadership, Generation X seems to be in the lead. According to a recent study by Ketchum, a global marketing, branding and corporate communications firm, 62% of people are looking beyond the Baby Boomers to leaders aged 35-50 to take over and define the future.  Only 10% are looking to millennials (ages 18-34.)


The study, which included 6,000 people in 12 countries on five continents for their thoughts on effective leadership, communication and the link between the two, also found that 24% of respondents around the world believe “leaders overall are providing effective leadership.

Check out some other telling findings from the study:

  • BUSINESS OVER POLITICS: Business leaders win when it comes to accountability and long-term thinking, but politicians rank at the bottom in those respective areas.
  • AFFECT ON SALES: In 2012, 60% of people said they boycotted or bought less from a company because of poor leadership behavior. This, in turn, led a greater drain on sales than positive perceptions enhance them.
  • CEO CREDIBILITY: CEOs are beaten by employees in terms of being trustworthy, with employees who people know as the “single most plausible ambassadors.”

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