Super Bowl 50: The Most Epic Event on TV

There are a few words to describe last Sunday’s Super Bowl 50 (#SB50) game: Most epic event on TV. Lady Gaga opened the Super Bowl with her rendition of the national anthem in a fiery red pantsuit. Her vocal chops, along with an interestingly different outfit (a far cry from her raw-meat clad costumes or outrageous hairstyles), showed the chart-topping performer in a whole new light.

The halftime performances, featuring Coldplay, Bruno Mars and Beyoncé, made the actual game seem almost secondary to the spectacle of musical entertainment. The crowd’s enthusiasm was undeniable as they cheered for a “dabbing” Cam Newton and a record-breaking Peyton Manning. #SB50 was more than a game, it was an experience.

Beyonce, Chris Martin of Coldplay and Bruno Mars

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