Survey: Many Employers Get Generous, Plan Holiday Bonuses

More than 40% of employers plan to give employee bonuses and other perks this holiday season, according to new survey results. (Image: Thinkstock)

According to new Careerbuilder survey results, workers can expect a little extra holiday cheer this year, as employers continue to offer holiday perks including bonuses, parties, gifts.

The national survey, conducted online by Harris Interactive from Aug. 13 to Sept. 6, found that 45% of employers are planning on giving their employees holiday bonuses this year, in line with 46 percent in 2012.

Forty percent plan to provide the same size or larger bonus this year.

Check out other findings about employer generosity:

59 PERCENT: Employers are throwing company holiday parties for their workers in December (the same as 2012). More than half (54 percent) expect them to be the size of last year’s party or slightly bigger.

35 PERCENT: Employers plan on giving their employees holiday gifts this year, on par with last year (36 percent).

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