T.I. sparked a debate when he claimed to be the most versatile rap artist since Tupac Shakur for his successes in film, music and business.

“Any way you slice it… I’m the very best at what I do,” he wrote Thursday on Instagram. T.I. also helped honor the late rapper in 2017 when he was inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame.

“impossible to duplicate… accept no substitution!!!” he continued. “When you get done buuuulsh—tin’… Riddle me this…. Who since 2Pac has maintained as much consistent diversity within music genres,businesses & other opportunities? I’ll wait… #KingsThoughts #FactsOverOpinion.”

Then someone threw Jay-Z‘s name in the comment section to say he surpassed Tip in entertainment and business.

Respectfully to da goat … what major feature film he starred in?” T.I. asked that person.

According to TV Guide, Shakur has nine major acting credits to his name since he’s starred in cult film classics like “Juice,” “Poetic Justice” “Above the Rim,” “Gang Related,” and “Gridlock’D.” He also appeared on the small screen and was a guest on “A Different World” with his childhood friend Jada Pinkett Smith, who co-starred on the show.

T.I., meanwhile, has 16 acting credits to his name, although some might say it’s not fair to compare the number of roles he had to Shakur’s, since the late rapper was in the entertainment industry for less than a decade before he was killed in 1996 in Las Vegas.

Tip also mentioned in his post being one of the top businessmen among rappers, and he could be pointing to the buildings he started buying in 2017 to provide affordable housing in his old neighborhood in northwest Atlanta.

He also works in fashion with his A.K.O.O Clothing line, started in 2008 and has other business ventures as well.

And musically, the 38-year-old scored three Grammy awards and a slew of nominations, so there were folks who agreed that he’s been the most consistent across various areas of entertainment and business.

“Man ti a different breed I been following him since he came out and for mine he’s the best that ever did it,” someone wrote.

But most strongly disagreed with Tip for even comparing himself to Shakur.

“You are a great artist but you ain’t no 2pac!” someone commented. “Stay humble or get humbled.”

There were also some who said Tip shouldn’t even compare himself to Jay-Z.

“HOV had a cameo appearance in State Property,” one person wrote. “He isn’t one for the limelight tho. Dame Dash told us YEARS ago that he doesn’t even like being in his own videos. So to me @troubleman31 only has the acting skill over HOV. No disrespect to TIP but HOV is in the stratosphere when it comes to music and business ventures. Not to mention all of the lowkey help he’s done for Black people as a whole.”

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