Tamar Braxton is aware of speculation about her body and she is setting the record straight about how she managed to get her belly so flat.

On Thursday, Nov. 29, Braxton uploaded an Instagram video showing off her stomach post-workout.

“My surgery is the damn gym  try it!!! It works,” she wrote over the quick clip.

“I love y’all…(some of y’all)🤓….but I didn’t have no dang tummy tuck!!! There is something called HARD work!!! Plus I love to workout… sometimes. NOW let’s get back to the videos ” Braxton wrote in the accompanying caption.

Fans who caught the post rallied to defend the singer against naysayers.

“I guess people forgot or ignored it all together, that she can’t have invasive procedures due to her blood clot syndrome.”

“Right, as a fellow clot survivor, I know Tamar isn’t about to play with her health n get surgery unnecessarily. … Besides, a ride on T’Challa a day keeps the rolls away.”

“I never thought she had surgery. She’s only had one child and was a pretty small woman in the first place.”

“Breakup body lol thats wassup looking good.”

“Tummy goals.”

Braxton’s fit frame is nothing new to fans. The star has been putting in work at the gym all summer to drop 20 pounds.

When the performer made the admission in July, some fans couldn’t believe it.

“20??!!! Omg where? Well, you definitely carried it well! Always on point!”

“Where??? And how? Yeen een have 20lbs to lose. So I’m confused.”

But more recently, fans have been concerned that Braxton may be getting a little too slim. When she posted a workout video on Instagram late last week, fans felt Braxton appeared a bit sickly.

“You look sick.”

“Losing too much weight. Starting to look sick.”

However, many more followers lifted her up exclaiming about how fit she is.

“Body Goals 

“Girl you know your body is snatched!!

“Okay trying to get like you.”


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