Tamar Braxton is back to wearing a wig again for a work event and date night, but fans are more concerned about what they perceive as some work she got done to her face.

“Workday Wednesday Date night Wednesday 🤤,” the singer captioned a video on Instagram of her clad in a blond wig and her face covered by a filter.

It was perhaps that filter that led fans to wonder if she had gotten some plastic surgery during her extended vacation with her Nigerian boyfriend over the holidays.

“Oh my God that looks horrible you guys just don’t stop at nothing for plastic surgery God gave you all your looks and you’re doing everything to destroy what God blessed you with you look horrible.”

“Please stop having surgeries. You are naturally pretty.”

“You are naturally pretty. You don’t need to keep having plastic surgery. 🤦‍♀️

It’s not clear exactly what fans think the reality TV celebrity has gotten done to her face, but Braxton has had to confront rumors of plastic surgery before.

While speaking to NecoleBitche in 2013, the singer confirmed she has gone under the knife, but only to get a rhinoplasty to correct what she claimed was a hereditary cartilage issue that leads to breathing problems.

“I had a nose job. But not for the reason everybody thinks,” she explained. “I was born with no cartilage in my nose, and it made breathing very difficult. And the snoring? Oh My God! So I’ve had a couple surgeries – the first time they put an implant in and I had to have it removed – so eventually they took some cartilage from my ear and put it in my nose. Oh and that HURT! They want me to have a third procedure but I’m trying not to have it. But this is something that runs in our family. My father had the same thing done, and so did Toni.”

Despite her comments last year to singer K. Michelle — whom she’s beefed with throughout the years — over her botched plastic surgery, Braxton maintained that if going under the knife will make someone happy, they should go for it.

“I believe everyone should do anything they need to do to make themselves feel good. It’s the same reason why people don’t just eat whatever they want,” she said. “They don’t want to be fat as hell. You don’t want to look like a Hotmess.com! So you do things to fix it…Plastic surgery is the exact same thing.”

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Workday Wednesday Date night Wednesday 🤤

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