TaylorMade's new spot features (from L to R) golfers Sergio Garcia, Justin Rose, Dustin Johnson and Jason Day.

“Speed Police”, a new advertising campaign by TaylorMade Golf Company, casts a side-eyeing glance at golfers who are playing with outdated equipment. The commercial, by the Los Angeles-based firm Zambezi, is the latest in an industry trend which encourages players to move on, but the jury is out on whether thrifty consumers are amused at the lighthearted — and not-so-subtle — messaging.

TaylorMade’s JetSpeed metalwoods are pushed by endorsers, Justin Rose, Dustin Johnson, Jason Day and Sergio Garcia.

“The foursome patrols golf courses, shaking down unsuspecting golfers playing old drivers. They’ve even got a Twitter handle: TMSpeedPolice.”

“The Speed Police campaign reminds consumers that golf is fun, and hitting the ball a mile with JetSpeed metalwoods makes it even more fun,” TaylorMade said in a release.

“Golfers have heard every tech claim and distance-enhancing pitch in the book. Our goal was to bring some ‘fun’ and energy back to golf with a campaign that delivers a compelling product message and makes you stop and say ‘what just happened,’” said Bob Maggiore, CMO atTaylorMade Golf. “The use of these marionettes is a departure from traditional golf advertising and chances are you’re going to remember what they have to say about faster metalwoods.”

But some consumers are already bristling at the notion of a brand alienating penny-pinching consumers in an already expensive sport in the name of “disruption.”

Zambezi creative director Kevin Buth said in a statement:

“Every major stick and ball sport is given license to push their storytelling to the brink of insanity, but people never expect the same kind of disruption from a golf brand’s advertising,” Buth said. “In a sport that desperately needs fresh air, TaylorMade definitely isn’t afraid to push the status quo.”

TaylorMade sent the following tweet Tuesday:

Some consumers took exception with the messaging. ESPN sports business reporter Darren Rovell tweeted the following:

And folks quickly chimed in:

Here’s the first (of many more to come?) thirty-second spot. Golfers: Are you moved? Let us know in the comments.


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