The First Lady Turns 50: ‘Why I Love Michelle Obama’

michelle obama bangsThis past Friday (1/17) the FLOTUS celebrated a big birthday. Turning the big 5-0, First Lady Michelle Obama makes fifty look fierce. writer Michaela Angela Davis reflects on meeting the President during his Senator days and what makes the First Lady so special.


“I love your wife.”

I’ve had one chance to say one thing to the president of these whole United States and that’s what I said? He was Senator Barack Obama at the time, a presidential hopeful. It was summer 2007 and the hope of a Black, young and progressive America was so fresh and thick on him he left some in my palm after I shook his hand, the dew of hope in my grip.

“Well, I do too” he said, then shot me that sly spectacular smile. We snapped a photo and that was the last I saw of that Illinois senator.

That one thing I said to the President, was the truth. I did love his wife. I loved what she symbolized. I loved her station, her stature, her style, her skin, and I loved her big, smart smile.

I remember like it was today, the moment I learned I loved her.

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