Apple's reportedly prepping two iPhones for launch this year, and one will have a much larger screen. (Image: Apple)

Apple’s newest announcement could happen in September, and it could be a big one.

According to Recode, the tech company could be launching the latest iPhone as early as September, with an announcement happening Sept. 9. Of course, nothing is set in stone, but Apple has a history of announcements happening in early September, with the last iPhone being announced Sept. 10.

The newest iPhone could be a little different from the last, thanks to the list of rumored upgrades, and for good reason: there could be two, and they could be huge.

Larger Screens
Apple’s original iPhone was a 3.5-inch smartphone, and that didn’t change for quite a while. In fact, when it did change with the iPhone 5, it went from 3.5 inches to 4. Not the largest jump, but somewhat significant.

But with the smartphone competition getting hotter than ever, and Samsung’s monster Galaxy S5 smartphone clocking in with a 5-inch display, Apple could be feeling the pressure to join the pissing contest that is screen sizes. Possible production shots of a 4.7-inch device have leaked online, showing that the company is going big rather than going home.

In addition to the larger 4.7-inch phone, Apple could also be planning an even larger 5.5-inch iPhone to compete with Samsung’s Galaxy Note series of extra-large smartphones. Unfortunately, extra-large hands are not included.

Screens made of sapphire
If you’ve ever dropped your phone only to watch the screen shatter, you may want to wait until the iPhone 6 comes out before getting a new one. Apple’s “sapphire display” is seemingly unbreakable, according to leaks and tests with the purported piece of hardware. Through dropping, bending, scratching, and stomping, it looks like it can take a lickin’ and keep on tickin’.

Thin is in
Thinner is better, at least in the smartphone world. And while Nokia’s Windows Phone devices break this mold with colorful, chunky designs, flagship devices like the Samsung Galaxy S5 and iPhone 5s strive to be as svelte as possible. Apple’s rumored iPhone 6 design could get rid of the square, bulky edges, and opt for a smoother, curvier appearance.

Smartwatch competition
Apple’s not oblivious to the wearable device market. During its developer conference, the company announced HealthKit, a tool for wearable devices to communicate with iOS devices and share health-related data more easily.

But with companies like Samsung, LG, and Motorola releasing smartwatches that not only gather fitness data but respond to text messages and run apps, Apple would be remiss to leave this market untapped. There are rumors and patents that herald the coming of Apple’s “iTime” smartwatch, but nothing is for certain yet.

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