The Phat Startup Hosts Panel Discussion with VaynerMedia CEO Gary Vaynerchuk

The name Gary Vaynerchuk holds weight in many arenas, especially when it comes to social media. The CEO of VaynerMedia, a brand consultancy agency that has helped various big-name clients like PepsiCo and General Electric build their presence on social, has a gloves-on approach to business and he’s knocking out any contenders who approach his area of the ring. (Trust, he’ll tell you…and his contenders.) But the natural born hustler will also tell you he’ll be right there waiting to assist if you need it.

Vaynerchuk, who released Jab, Jab, Jab, Right Hook: How to Tell Your Story in a Noisy, Social World last November, engaged in a candid conversation with The Phat Startup founder James Lopez, which was followed by a gem-filled Q&A session. The conversation ran the gamut from Vaynerchuk’s first venture as a lemonade stand manager (yes, he ran seven across his New Jersey neighborhood) and his start in social media, quickly becoming one of the top 25 people to follow on Twitter, to the nuances of social interactions and his admiration for Kendrick Lamar.

Take a look at what went down at The Phat Startup’s latest event with Vaynerchuk:

(Storify courtesy of Michael Ambassador Bruny, @ambassadorbruny)

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