Satechi Portable Energy Station (Battery)If you’re looking for a high-capacity USB battery pack that will charge your USB-powered gadgets while traveling, I’d recommend the Satechi Portable Energy Station 10000 for $60.

When you’re looking for USB battery pack, you should make sure that it provides enough additional power to the hardware you want to use it with that it’ll be worth your while to carry it.

It should be compact and shaped in such a way that it’s not a pain to pull out of a satchel, backpack or purse. It should be light enough that when you carry it, you forget that it’s there until you need it. When the time comes to use it, it should be adaptable: you’ll want it to be capable of charging from a number of different power sources, and you’ll want it to be able to charge the majority (if not all) of the USB-powered mobile hardware you own, including 2.1 amp devices, like the iPad.

Finally, it should have charge indicator lights built into to it, so you can tell how much juice is left when you’re using it, and how far along it is when you’re recharging it.

I found that of all of the USB battery packs that I researched and tested, the Satechi Portable Energy Station 10000 most adequately addressed all of these needs with the least amount of compromise.

This pack is about the size of three fingers wide, and as long as the base of your palm to first knuckles. It’s not for daily carry.

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