The Sports Résumé: Developing the Perfect Job Description

The latest sports industry employment opportunities are those involving the development of mobile applications and social media platforms, cloud computing, and statistical analysis. Ninety percent of the new jobs created and posted by the top employers (e.g. ESPN, Nike, Under Armour) require candidates to have some experience or background in any of these technical disciplines. It is therefore safe to assume that sports industry employers have the same problem as technology companies (e.g. Twitter, Facebook, Google), as relating to the difficulty in finding qualified employees.

With many employers receiving an average of 300 applications per position, the development of the job descriptions within your résumé is very important.

Most candidates’ attempts to describe the duties and responsibilities associated with each employment opportunity resemble the content located within the actual job description. This strategy is not recommended as it does not help distinguish one candidate’s qualifications from another, which is important considering the large number of applications sports industry employers receive.

Consider using these steps when writing the job descriptions within your résumé.

1. Include achievements for each position, which displays your productivity. Employers are looking for candidates who have the potential to add value to the company.

2. Use bullet points instead of the paragraph format when writing the job description content. Consider using no more than three bullet points per position.

3. Include similar terms within your job description details that are also present within the details of the position you intend to apply to. This will help navigate your résumé through the employer Applicant Tracking System.

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